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Patricia Gagen


Proud Democrat

Retired geriatric social worker. Long time member of Planned Parenthood.

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  1. Elon Musk doesn’t pay his bills, and they call him a visionary business genius. You want help with your student loan bills, and they call you a freeloader.
  2. Let me be clear: If North Carolina enacts a new voter suppression law, it will be sued. And it will lose.
  3. Rapid sequencing of a person's blood or relevant body fluid can determine the root cause of a serious infection. Why isn't this standard medical practice?
  4. GasBuddy #gasprice scorecard: National average $3.495/gal Median: $3.39/gal Most common: $2.99/gal Bottom 10% avg: $2.73/gal Top 10% avg: $4.86/gal 6 states average under $3 8 states average over $4

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