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Gabriele Magni


Political scientist, LGBTQ politics scholar, director of the Global Policy Institute

Los Angeles / New York

I am a political scientist and and assistant professor. I am also the director of the Global Policy Institute and the founding director of the LGBTQ+ Politics Research Initiative at LMU in LA. I study LGBTQ+ politics, political representation, inequality, and solidarity. he/him.

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  1. LGBTQ Representation in Movies Decreased in 2021

    A new report from GLAAD revealed LGBTQ representation on screen fell in 2021. GLAAD’s 10th Annual Studio Responsibility Index found that screen time for LGBTQ characters decreased drastically and conde
  2. Gay Rep.-Elect George Santos' Résumé May Be Largely Fiction

    The Times found many lies and fabrications in the resume of George Santos, the only openly gay Republican in Congress, including one involving the Pulse massacre
  3. Ruling says Yeshiva University must recognize LGBTQ student group

    A New York appeals court ruled that the school was discriminating against students by refusing to officially recognize an LGBTQ campus group
  4. Matthew Shepard Portrait Unveiled at Washington National Cathedral

    The Washington National Cathedral unveiled a new portrait of Matthew Shepard. In 1998, Shepard, a gay college student at the University of Wyoming, was murdered in an antigay hate crime. The painting w
  5. Barbara Love, a feminist activist who fought for lesbian rights, dies

    "As an activist and an author, she was determined to demystify and normalize the lesbian experience, and to integrate it into the women’s movement"
  6. Vicious attacks against LGBTQ+ elected officials never stop
  7. Crackdown on LGBTQ+ people escalates in Russia
  8. Wonderful exhibition at Fotografiska in New York David LaChapelle: make BELIEVE
  9. Jim Kolbe, one of the very few openly gay Republicans ever elected to Congress, dies at 80
  10. Fran Lebowitz - The Impact of AIDS on the Artistic Community (1987)

    What a beautiful and sad tribute to a generation of gay men died too young. "The Impact of AIDS on the Artistic Community is that on New Year's Eve Day a 36-year-old writer takes a 31-year-old photogra
  11. Beautiful pictures of LGBTQ+ writers, artists, and activists of the 1980s and '90s
  12. The California LGBTQ legislative caucus is growing larger and more diverse
  13. Robert Garcia is the first openly LGBTQ Freshman Class President in Congress

    Robert Garcia has been elected Freshman Class President of the 118th Congress for the Democrats. He is the first openly LGBTQ person elected Freshman Class President in Congress. Two years ago, Mondaire
  14. BYU faculty believe they were let go because of their pro-LGBTQ stance

    Faculty members are being let go from Brigham Young University. The professors believe they were let go for questioning the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ stance on homosexuality.
  15. World AIDS Day and Wojnarowicz's powerful call to action

    On #WorldAIDSday, Wojnarowicz's 1989 "Postcards from America: X-rays from Hell" remains as powerful as ever. Written for the exhibit "Witnesses: Against Our Vanishing" organized by Nan Goldin, Wojnarow
  16. Anti-LGBTQ bills motivated LGBTQ+ candidates to run

    I spoke with NBC News on how anti-LGBTQ bills motivated LGBTQ+ candidates to run and, in the end, backfired as an electoral strategy. -- "Gabriele Magni, an assistant professor of political science at L
  17. Interesting list of academic articles on same-sex marriage
  18. FDA will allow more gay men to donate blood

    Gay and bisexual men in monogamous relationships would be allowed to donate blood without abstaining from sex under guidelines being drafted by the FDA
  19. LGBTQ Americans believe the Supreme Court has harmed them

    7 out of 10 lesbians and gays believe that recent Supreme Court decisions have harmed lesbian, gay and bisexual people (among straight respondents, only 35% think Supreme Court decisions have harmed LG
  20. Singapore decriminalizes gay sex

    Singapore parliament decriminalizes sex between men However, at the same time, the parliament's amendment effectively bans marriage equality for LGBTQ people

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