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Blue 🔵; 🛑 state. I miss Seattle


Not an influencer but I still care deeply and tweet or retweet my opinion. *I think the sky might really be falling"

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  1. I wish the fonts weren’t so big on here. I’d like to see more on the screen instead of just one post.
  2. West Virginia when Joe Manchin became a senator: - 48th in income - 50th in education - 50th in health care - 43rd in infrastructure West Virginia today after 13 years of Manchin: - 49th in income - 47th in education - 50th in health care - 50th in infrastructure
  3. Schedule for the Trumps to testify in the NY civil fraud trial: November 1 — Powder Ranger November 2 — Fredo November 3 — The one that got away. November 6 — Don Trumpolini
  4. Crazy.
  5. My Target
  6. This is only the beginning. I fear for debt limit votes, and other big ones. I know these people and they truly have no bigger burden for the well being of our nation. They are very self centered.
  7. Don't start a land war in Asia. Don't go up against a Sicilian with death on the line. Don't troll Greta Thunberg.
  8. When we start seeing this content on Post it might become home.
  9. #Karma
  10. BREAKING per NBC News: Federal prosecutors have opened an investigation into George Santos
  11. I’m thrilled to be here on Post, but I feel like Jen should have cut the line in front of me.
  12. Let Jen in! Please @noamp 🙏🏼@janete
  13. It’s funny—the very first feature I found on Post (one which instantly drew me to this platform) was the ability to create a “link tree” right in your profile so people know where else they can find y
  14. Major weather coming to Midwest. Freezing cold until Sunday. Went to the store and got fruit, veggies, canned soup, twizzlers, gummies and chocolate. That should last me until this evening.
  15. “The Times attempted to interview Mr. Santos at the address where he is registered to vote and that was associated with a campaign donation he made in October, but a person at that address said on Sun
  16. If you are new to Post from Twitter, will follow back and want to find other resisters… Reply to this post Follow anyone else who replied (follow people first to make the most connections, don’t wait an
  17. Glad you posted your handle on the bird. Have followed you for awhile. (I’m small potatoes)
  18. Just saw this on mastodon. Can’t confirm though
  19. Keep moving forward, well done!
  20. Retailers like CVS and Walgreens want you to believe people stealing a stick of deodorant is a national crisis. Meanwhile…

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