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Rent Free in Gym Jordan’s Head

Wanted: Conversations that don’t resemble a Herschel Walker Speech. I cuss alot and I’m coming for your gas stove. 😱 💙 Blue Since Birth.💙 Criminal Psychologist | Truth Matters | Politics | Science | Activism | Film | Sports | Travel ✈️ | Dual Citizen 🇮🇹 | Equestrian

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  1. #Maine #guncontrol #RobertCard
  2. NOOOOOOOOO! #RichardMoll
  3. Second!
  4. I’d vote for her from Ohio if I could. #BigGretch
  5. I would like to add Jim Jordan to this heaping pile of excrement. #trumpindictment #politics #GymJordan
  6. Aborted Born Fetal Persons🤪

    Does anyone really know what to say to someone who claims they are against “ After Birth Abortion ”?? 😂 Technically that’s … straight up Infanticide, at least when I studied criminal psych. Right? Dude, I knew the average IQ was slipping here in ‘Murica but…What? OK, I should say,
  7. As if any of us needed another reason to leave that shitty platform. Elon you are sub-human. #Starlink #ukraine #ElonMuskIsATraitor
  8. Makes me wonder what we will look back at and say “We were doing WHAT?” #healthcare #postphotos
  9. If only!
  10. Oh hey Posties! For my fellow #GenX ers who fondly remember sweating behind these masks! Happy early #Halloween ! 😂 #HalloweenCostumes
  11. Would #Deathsantis do this for Delaware? HELL NO. #Voteblue #Biden #breaking #politics
  12. Suspension of Disbelief

    I’m praying for Maui’s people so much right now. The things I take for granted…Like towns will just be there. Or trees. Or entire cultures. Sudden, Tragic, Overwhelming.
  13. “Presidents are not kings, and plaintiff is not President.” Judge Tanya Chutkan.

    TODAY PROTECT WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND THE FUTURE OF OUR CONSTITUTION. Don’t get it twisted, this bill has nothing to do with “freaks taking over the classroom” or “taking over parental rights”. The coalition for Issue 1 is primarily anti-abortion organizations, gun rights groups and the
  15. Just Go Away, BridgeGate

    Everywhere I look it’s Chris Christie shilling 🤢. Not only is he a backpedaling POS, people worried about #Biden dying of old age should just look at that heart attack waiting to happen and hold up. #Nope #GOPClownShow #youhadyourchance
  16. Oops. #tRump
  17. Hello Posties! It’s a rainy Monday here. Not that I’m doing anything differently if it was Sunny 😎 #Dogs #Frenchie
  18. Your move, #NASA #HubbleTelescope #SpaceExploration
  19. Time Flies and Money, too

    Woo! Where have I been ?! Visiting colleges with my kid. Good lord that’s exhausting. Of course if the orange Turd gets elected we’re heading to Europe so this is all a waste. 🖕🏻Him. Jack Smith, dig in and do dirty! #voteblue2024 #tRump

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