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  1. Everyone knows the leaker's gotta be Alito. I mean, COME ON.
  2. The GOP in a nutshell

    Republicans don't really plan or coordinate their destructive crusade. They're not as smart as people assume they are. They simply take advantage of chaos. They're clusterfuck opportunists.
  3. Suckiest. Speaker. Ever.

    So MAGA-puppet McCarthy's plans to boot Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar from committees need every single Republican in his caucus--he's already losing at least 3, and an additional R Congressman who won't
  4. McCarthy: "I'm going to boot Dems off committees because my MAGA puppetmasters must be appeased!" The fuck you will.
  5. What a cluster

    Oh FFS. We definitely have a problem with people taking documents home. But can we choose our battles here? How about we focus on the REAL existential problem: people currently holding elected office
  6. Sorry Tucker Carlson. But in this bizarre war you're waging against m&m,s, the world is rooting for the m&m's.
  7. The GOP wants everyone to know they are committed to keeping America safe from the destructive menace known as books.
  8. I like to call the color Gym Jordan's tie "buzzard pus"
  9. Seriously. Fuck this guy.
  10. Hakeem Jeffries drops the gauntlet. Here. We. GO.
  11. Clash of the Shite-ans

    May the coming Trump-DeSantis primary battle absolutely obliterate the political viability of both. They, and their traitorous, anti-democracy party deserve it.
  12. Literally the worst

    Trump, who appeared OFTEN with Diamond and Silk, and repeatedly spoke of highly of Diamond, denied knowing her as he spoke at her funeral, and turned his eulogy into a rant about a stolen election.
  13. HAHA. DOJ says it doesn't have to cooperate with the Gym Jordan irrelevant-shit-stirring investigations.
  14. SC, just STOP

    SC justices, just knock it off with this faux outrage about the "leak". Shows you what out of touch douchebags you are if you think America gives a shit about the leak. It's the SUBSTANCE we're pissed
  15. "Kitara Ravache" is more woman than Marjorie Taylor-Greene will ever be, and more man than Kevin McCarthy will ever be.

    Yes, the George "Kitara Ravache" Santos drag-queen story is confirmed. It's probably the most likable thing about him, but it does put the GOP--with their anti-drag queen crusade--in a laughable bind.
  17. Trump, getting owned by Trump

    The Count of Mostly Crisco said his rape-accuser E. Jean Carroll was not his type--but he mistook a decades-old photo of her for his ex-wife, Marla Maples.
  18. Representing the great state of Carnivale

    The "GOP has a drag queen problem named George "Kitara Ravache" Santos" story is not going away. A contributing reporter for MSNBC is on it.
  19. Holy Shit. Did Republicans just elect the first drag queen to Congress? Meet Rep. George "Kitara Ravache" Santos (R-Carnivale)
  20. McCarthy is no leader. He's a night manager at the reptile house who's opened up all the cages and is armed with a feather duster.

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