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  1. I have been waiting breathlessly to post this: we are finally approved by Apple and the Post iPhone app is now available in the AppStore. You can find it here - it can take Apple a few hours to index its search engine . This has been the number one requested feature since day one.
  2. Just blocked #ElonMusk on Twitter. What a social delinquent he is.
  3. The daffodils have broken ground! Spring is right around the corner! In spite of today’s wind chill in nyc…
  4. I just had my first proton radiation treatment. One down, thirty four to go.
  5. Happy Sunday! Remember to eat plenty of beautiful, healthy greens every day! Bok Choy! #Vegan #PlantBased
  6. A speech for the ages
  7. Killer
  8. All the voters who put these insurrectionists back in office are responsible for this embarrassment.
  9. Happy New Years Eve from NYC Post-Mates! 🎆
  10. Ha!
  11. Exciting
  12. Merry Christmas 🎄
  13. Trying my first repost (is that what it’s called?)
  14. On safari in Tanzania
  15. Good morning Posters! Coffee dunking #Vegan and #GlutenFree #Chocolate glazed #Doughnuts!
  16. Unity
  17. Good morning early readers!
  18. I like that no one I know is here yet.

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