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Franklin, Frisky and Elvis

Between Worlds

Mild mannered. Roll Tide. Love all animals. No politics please. I'm not witty, clever or any of that stuff. Just a wanderer wandering

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  1. Today's high and low in Aladamnbama
  2. Hard Freeze

    Good Thursday morning ya'll! Bit chilly but nothing comapres to what we will all feel in the morning. 17° for our wake up call tomorrow. You guys get prepped for the day and the weather coming ahead. B
  3. Elvis says he feels stranded. Torrential rain in that it hasn'tstopped in hours. Elvis has topped the island!
  4. Rain all day. Not awfully cold but I hear the temps will bottom out by weeks end. Thankful today for shelter. You fine people have a great day.
  5. Just sending puppy dogs and kitty kats
  6. Just here to join the fun whilst watching the bird crash n burn. Franklin, Frisky and Harvey are here as well. Yeeeeehaawww!
  7. Settling in for now as I watch Twitter implode Franklin, Frisky and Elvis have all joined

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