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US politics reporter, Agence France-Presse

Politics writer for AFP (previously deputy desk chief) in Washington. By way of LA, Dakar, Kathmandu and Hong Kong.

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  1. Me for AFP…
  2. “In a brief interview with POLITICO on Saturday, Walker seemed to mistake which chamber of Congress he was running for and also appeared to think the outcome of his race would determine control of the
  3. The shabby dishonesty of Matt Hancock’s ‘diaries’

    “My complaint, here, is about the form. It’s a memoir, and it should be honest about that. These resemble the diaries of a Chips Channon or an Alan Clark as Swarovski crystals resemble diamonds.”
  4. “Troll” (Netflix) is dumb but I liked it

    Troll (Netflix) is a lot closer to Brad Peyton’s Rampage (2018) in tone and style than it is to the brilliant and inimitable Trollhunter (André in Øvredal, 2010). But it lacked the charm of either. It’
  5. CNN on Oath Keepers verdict

    “The verdicts confirm a core truth: The violent assault that day was designed, not ‘spontaneous.’ The mob was led, and by those committed to disorder, whatever the cost in bloodshed.”
  6. Tick-tock…
  7. Happy Amazon Day everyone!

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