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Business Librarian | Attorney | Metaverse Junkie

I've been an attorney for almost 30 years. I've worked in both law (as a public defender, guardian ad litem staff attorney, and foreclosure defense attorney) and in the tech sector (university computer support specialist, e-commerce content manager). In recent years I have most enjoyed working in libraries. After working in a courthouse library for 6 years, I now work in a large public library on an exciting new initiative, a startup workspace environment. I'm excited to apply my librarian, technical, and legal skills to offer assistance to entrepreneurial efforts. My technical skills are centered on front-end programs and languages like Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My main interests as a personal info junkie are in legaltech, privacy and business law, web development, marketing, copywriting, and game design. I've recently gotten into learning about metaverse stuff (AR, XR, MR, VR, and any other related acronyms!).

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  1. Hi all!

    Might as well use my first post to link to the free co-working space in my public library that I work out of - Creation Station Business co-working space Drop me a connect, or friend request, or whatev

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