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  1. Am I depressed? Am I exhausted? Am I overwhelmed? Who knows...
  2. Life is exhausting

    Old me - can handle anything with enough caffeine. New me- has a bathroom remodel last week and a yard sale this week, collapses on couch at 4 pm in such a deep sleep I didn't hear the doorbell and someone tapping on the window. Of course I am up this morning before 5 am for dumb
  3. Getting up at 330am because I am in a frustrated panic is not what I had planned for today. But I did get the junk drawer cleaned out.
  4. Sums it up. Wednesday is here people. Let's wear pink.
  5. Friday nights are for collapsing. The work week just drains me.
  6. I have a bad cold. It doesn't appear to be COVID, I've tested myself several times. I have no energy. I have used my weight in tissues. All I want is either soup or ice cream. Ugh.
  7. It's sunny and 30 degrees out. I would love to sit outside and drink my coffee however we aren't quite there. Soon...
  8. It's lovely to awaken to birds chirping. #spring
  9. Happy Anniversary dear. It's been a wonderful 14 1/2 years and a lonely 6 months.🦉🐈‍⬛
  10. At the Fisher Theatre in Detroit.
  11. How is it only Thursday? And how is it already March?
  12. The power being out at home means spending the night with the grand kitties. #icestorm2023
  13. Eddie the foster kitty being very brave this morning. #caturday #saturdaymorning
  14. Anxiety is an amazing thing. Daughter is getting married tomorrow. I'm worrying about wedding logistics. I'm worried about decoration of the hall. Plus for fun I have added worry about moving, an estate s
  15. My tree is still up. It's about a third undecorated. It might be done by February. Or not.
  16. From my house to yours. Merry Christmas ❤️
  17. He didn't like his supper so he is hoping for a taste of mine.
  18. I went out last night and thought the same thing. It wasn't that cold, it was only snowing a little and I was done.
  19. Sorting through Christmas ornaments and rediscovered the evil looking mice. My late husband's family had these on their Christmas tree for years. Luckily his sisters' took them.

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