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  1. I know very few folks on here personally, but I am going to post this request for donations to my WalkMS page anyway. I have been doing these since before I got my own MS diagnosis - something like 15 years. If you have a couple bucks to spare, I'd really appreciate the support.
  2. Been wondering this myself. My brother is one, and I provide him with counter information at every opportunity. But he lives on Vancouver island, and is surrounded by... other lost souls. I only hope that there are more of us than them, and that we all VOTE.
  3. Peri-oral Dermatitis / Rosacea and Cortisone

    I've been dealing with this painful and disfiguring condition for over two months, now with the assistance of a good naturopath. I developed the much milder peri-oral dermatitis about 30 years ago - notably before Google existed. My doctor prescribed cortisone cream, and when it d
  4. Always interesting to discover how 'primitive' cultures knew how to thrive on this planet without destroying it.
  5. Too cute...
  6. If you have 2 minutes of free time, visit ! For no charge, they will send a care package to military personnel consisting of the 4 snacks that you chose! It’s totally free, takes a small amount of time, and sends some good vibes to those that are serving our c
  7. Scenting season is back! (Other great combinations in the comments)
  8. Truth.
  9. How much could we accomplish, if only?
  10. Good to know...
  11. Missing Sweetpea

    We had to say goodbye to our sweet little old lady two weeks ago. She was only with us for a couple of years, but was such a grateful, loving little soul - and we loved her right back. Sweet dreams, my little minion.
  12. By Robert Reich Friends, I detest bullies. I’ve got a deep, visceral, stomach-churning repugnance toward people who abuse their wealth and power by hurting others. It’s probably related to my being bullied as a kid because I was so short. And to my discovery years later that one of
  13. Worth a listen. Thanks, Kris!
  14. Horrifying...
  15. "So far this year, more than 350 manatees have perished. "With their habitat polluted and their food supply vanishing, more than 2,000 have now died over the past two years. "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prematurely reduced protection for them in 2017. The results have been d
  16. * chef's kiss *
  17. I'm pretty sure this isn't good news...
  18. Thank you, Vancouver, for a peaceful Canada Day! We live in a quiet neighborhood, traffic-calmed for the bike route nearby. Most holidays are noisy affairs, as people use this quiet area (with little police presence) to blow off fireworks late into the night/early morning. Last nig

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