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Democrat Roe BLM LGBTQIA+ BeKind AutismAwareness. Dad, MedEd student, kids' rights advocate. Founder Medical.Democrat & VeraSpeak.Com, inspired by TokiPona.

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  1. Hear! Hear!
  2. fact checked
  3. GOP doublespeak

    NC 8ᵗʰ district (incl #MooreCounty: lost power for ~1 week due to substation sabotage) GOP Rep. Dan Bishop voted 👎 on #McCarthy for #SpeakerOfTheHouse 11×! ​ Now w/ McCarthy as SOH, Bishop says "…McCar
  4. Does Post have plans to support something analogous to Twitter Spaces?
  5. I drew a lion rampant. Or, the letter S. Anyway, the #drawing is complete, whilst looking incomplete. #Art
  6. NOSTR: Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays

    I think it's worth studying #nostr. Jack Dorsey tweeted about it recently. I'm brand new to nostr and I used the web client to get started because it was fast and easy. N.B. that e2e encry
  7. If the European Union enforces its rules, Musk's new rule preventing people on Twitter from linking to competitors could land him in a heap of trouble. This kind of policy is prohibited and fines coul
  8. MIT Solid and

    Inventor of the world wide web wants us to reclaim our data from tech giants By Daniel Renjifo, CNN Updated 11:52 AM EST, Fri December 16, 2022
  9. Twitter Bans Links to Rival Social Networks

    #Twitter Bans Links to Rival Social Networks, Mentions of Other Handles Updated December 18, 2022 By Chloe
  10. Imagine Newton's or Mendel's life in Twitter or Post et al

    Isaac Newton was born months after his father died and lived a largely solitary and incredibly productive life. He spent years in solitude—working on solving problems that nobody else could solve—and c
  11. Hi Post! We're trying to find all of our Twitter friends on here. Can you please consider RePosting this and join us as we build out our platform on here?
  12. Is Post already becoming Twitter?

    Today I flagged a post here for the first time. By Twitter standards the post I flagged was very mildly offensive; child's play really. By what I've seen of Post standards so far though, the post I fla
  13. Very interesting article! Very much worth time to read.
  14. People who should be more famous than they are
  15. Seems like hashtags are the way to go? I love to chat about #bookbinding #episcopalchurch #books #theology #growingfood #lgbtqia #winter and boy that's not comprehensive, but it's a start. Say hello
  16. Speech & Language Pathologists (SLPs) are supposed to enable communication for those who can't rely on speech. But... often they don't. Jordyn Zimmerman, M.Ed is autistic, and unable to speak. She's th
  17. ¿Can strictly-online discourse change minds?

    @sethabramson , thanks for yet another eloquent post. For years in Twitter I've been learning a great deal from you, and I agree with most of what you've written here, but I dis
  18. This is war. It is hell. It shatters lives. We should not look away.
  19. Twitter bans Mastodon

    Twitter suspends #Mastodon’s account and bans links to #Mastodon servers or "Instances" Taylor Hatmaker @tayhatmaker / unsure if Taylor is on Post 02022December15 • 7:47 PM EST "…Musk’s personal and polit

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