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  1. Every time this incompetent narcissist speaks, it's front-page news. The last time this occurred, the media was partly responsible for modern history's worst U.S. president. I suppose well-educated people espousing intelligent analysis and reasoned perspectives are (unfortunately)
  2. Always good fun to be a guest on "The Many Shades of Green" podcast ... thanks Maxine! #democracy #economics #climate
  3. The ability to successfully inherit wealth doesn't make you competent or intelligent. It just means you can fail many times without worrying about rent payments or groceries. #Musk #Twitter #Narcissist
  4. In fairness to Google, they did remove 'Don't be evil' from their Code of Conduct in 2018.
  5. Would have been great to read “Kevin and his GOP peers were surprised by several paragraphs which seemed to embrace a representative form of democracy. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to read but could only grunt and make farting noises and point to her balloon.” #GOPTraitors
  6. Hilarious, criminal organization known as the GOP loves the “free market” but not efforts to influence the market based upon consumer and/or investor knowledge. People voting for the GOP are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. #GOP #GOPTraitors #ESG
  7. In case there's still confusion over whether Trump and his sycophants are a criminal organization. #justice #gop #trumpcrimefamily
  8. Because justice, equity, inclusion, democracy, and human rights are all left-wing 'woke' ideas, DeSantis appointed trustees will implement 'countermeasures.' What are the countermeasures? Injustice, inequality, racism, hate, and oppression. #justice #equity #inclusion #democracy #humanrights
  9. The Derelict Failure of The Fourth Estate

    This is because journalism and news have been replaced by a 24x7 entertainment cycle. Investigative journalism is costly. To keep the masses entertained all you need is a narcissist, a camera, and a microphone. Why pay screenwriters, directors, actors, and a cast of thousands when
  10. Great news! Big Oil is strong, thanks Americans for paying exorbitant gasoline prices! #inflation #energy #climate #BigOil
  11. NRA weighs in with its response to mass slaughter of people all over the United States. #gunviolence #NRA
  12. Life, Liberty, and the Second Amendment

    When a self-proclaimed 'civilized' society can't answer a fundamental question: How do you preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when you effectively allow anyone to obtain and possess
  13. Looking for Steve Bannon in the crowd. #fascist #gop #insurrection
  14. The Continuing Saga of Shock Doctrine

    While this is anecdotal, it seems when viewing news aggregators and social sources, 65% of current reports relate to the lying of George Santos, 15% to the toxicity of gas stoves, 15% to material foun
  15. I am always late to these. I must have turned into a rabbit. 🤪
  16. The Failing American Experiment

    The obscenely wealthy (through their GOP and occasional democrat shill) have attacked and eroded democracy for generations. The elevation of Jerry Springer-style sociopathic circus acts to elected off
  17. On David Crosby’s Passing

    From Joan Baez- “In 1965, Bob Dylan and I were discussing the state of the music scene. He said The Byrds, who had made a hit of “Mr. Tambourine Man,” were the only thing happening musically at that po
  18. In the United States, this is called "Tuesday".

    #gunviolence #gunviolenceprevention #gop #publicsafety #publichealth New York Times, New Mexico: "Republican Ex-Candidate Arrested in Shootings Targeting New Mexico Democrats The authorities in Albuquer
  19. Uncharted Waters: A Major Nuclear Power and the Imminent Risk of a Failed State

    When 147 elected members are committed to the destruction of the federal government, and they are not expelled from Congress and subsequently indicted, how long do you suppose it will be before there
  20. #FridayFollowBack

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