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Jill Kuraitis


Retired reporter/writer/editor/pain in the ass

Boise, Idaho

0 to 60: stage manager/political media producer/speechwriter/managing editor for award-winning online news site/freelance reporter/writer. Advocate for equality, compassion, and the common good. Fan of facts, science, gardening, dogs, birds, and baseball. 🇺🇦

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  1. Hmm White guys
  2. I can think of some Americans who deserve this. Who are your nominations?
  3. The #G OP is racist to the core.
  4. Hello! #Feedback On an iPad, the photos are full screen. I want to see a lot more content on one screen, a tad like the bird site. #Noam
  5. Want to help birds? The Great Backyard Bird Count is going on now! Birds have a way of making us feel connected; a part of something bigger. This weekend we come together in admiration of their beauty, the warmth we feeling watching them, and the importance of preserving their pop
  6. It’s the Dark Ages here in Idaho.
  7. It really is important. Trust us.
  8. MYSOGYNIST IDIOT DeSantis Rolls Out Red Carpet for Sexist Boob From Idaho #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  9. The Idaho Legislature rarely fails to surprise us here. It’s…heartbreaking.
  10. Let’s talk about disaster fatigue. You start.
  11. This is epic. Take the time to listen! Rep. Moscowitz, thank you.
  12. this. How To Tell If A Wild Bird Trusts You #birds #wildlife
  13. terrific article on health insurance industry by veteran CEO.
  14. What the hell #GOP #racism #Mississippi #politics #journalists
  15. In case you missed it…great speech. State Of The Union
  16. They've moved on from Hillary's emails, but not much.
  17. How much would one of these books be worth now? 🤣
  18. If I change my display name, will I lose all my followers etc.? @feedback Has anyone tried this?
  19. Meanwhile, in Idaho… #wildlife #birds #Idaho

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