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Fred Appleton


Old tennis hacker - in the Bobby Riggs style. Lousy photographer - love shooting street scenes.

southwestern Ontario

Liberal. Vaccinated. Listening to: Sierra Ferrell, Hania Rani, Alexandra Streliski. So retired.

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  1. How did I miss this? Tire le coyote et Alexandra Stréliski - Le ciel est backorder
  2. Good read
  3. Good read
  4. I think JB is onto something here.
  5. True
  6. Yes, good on them.
  7. Carvoeiro Festival A wonderful day in Portugal.
  8. Appropriate response here
  9. Most powerful
  10. Oops?

    Just cut 400 stupid lights from a pre-lit Christmas tree because I could not find replacement bulbs. 1000 light LED string should arrive tomorrow. Has anyone ever installed a 1000 light string?
  11. It strikes me that with Sinema sitting as an independent, nothing has changed.
  12. A wonderful pre-Covid night in Lisbon.

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