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Connie in Arizona


Lover of dogs and democracy

Democrat, Chicagoan, dog mom, atheist. ❤️ animals, Cubs, CU Buffs, 49ers, music (Bruce/Beatles/Buffett/Billy & more), tv/movies/reading. Smartass.

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  1. Happy Christmas Eve! Yippee Ki Yay! #Christmas #ChristmasEve #DieHard
  2. May your pole be shiny and your grievances minor! #Festivus #Seinfeld
  3. Beautiful!
  4. What a day. This morning I was choked up listening to a baseball player talk about his grandpa. Tonight I got teary watching the President of Ukraine.
  5. George is here!
  6. #Lockhimup Great job, January 6 Committee!
  7. I’ve completed my holiday decorating. Took about 2 minutes. #festivus #festivuspole #seinfeld
  8. #PetsofPost Couch time is better with a friend.
  9. #introductions Account is set up and I’m ready to figure out how this Elon-free place works! Check out my profile and follow me if you think we might get along. Bonus points for dog lovers and Cubs fa

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