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  1. Just found this amusing. Glad Elon has made Twitter the must go to news source. He's learning well from China and Saudi Arabia...
  2. Author Alissa Quart says the myth of American individualism is a poor excuse for inequality.
  3. Some of the biggest companies in the world trade like penny stocks. No matter whether the price action is up or down, this is not a good thing, nor a sign of a functioning market.
  4. The behind the scenes mechanism of astroturfing and creating discourse tech bros want to put forth as organic: Elon Musk You might ask how Elon Musk manages to find these 3k follower accounts to mimic h
  5. OK, so today's big Twitter files release was "the CDC (the preeminent infectious disease group in the world) and social media companies worked together to ensure misinformation wasn't spread like wild
  6. Connect the dots of the tech bro, anti-government revolution funded by taxpayer money and their circular grift: Trump loving Boxabl CEO Paolo Tarimini tweets today to his friend Elon Musk he's making
  7. Conservatives and centrists: deregulate, deregulate, deregulate People get stranded across the country due to deregulation Conservatives and centrists: why weren't Democrats regulating these companies. D
  8. I feel bad for investors in crypto and Tesla and the various other pump and dump scams our media has helped create who are now finding out that when you buy on margin, a 50% loss on the security means
  9. Financial Literacy

    If you come across my feed, please take a few moments and try this quick FINRA (US government agency, no sign up or anything) financial literacy quiz to see where your financial literacy stands. Feel
  10. Investment math

    Sadly seldom thought of math lesson. If you have an investment that loses 50%, what return do you need on your now current investment to "break even"? The answer is 100%. Ex: if you go from $16 to $8,
  11. Tesla, Dogecoin, AMC, GameStop all are great examples of how social media, the media, and technology have changed investing for the worst and why diversification is key. We'll always be told by the me

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