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Former arms dealer to investor relations operators. Write from Caveat Emptor Perspective. Currently covering precious metals, uranium, rare earths and geo-politics

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  1. Mickey Mouse just destroyed thousands of jobs. Remember that as you book overpriced park tickets.
  2. Sports Gambling Gets Crazy

    Sports Gambling is so prevalent you can bet on colour of Gatorade that will be dumped onto winning coach. Also you can bet on outcome of coin toss. Heads or Tails
  3. Waiting for professional sports athletes to refuse to play on Fox broadcast games. Do Black Lives Really matter.
  4. Elon Musk has Ukrainian Blood on his hands by restricting their use of Space X routers for drone activity. When do we replace Elon for national security reasons?
  5. Culture Wars do not put food on kitchen table or gas in your car
  6. Cameco outstanding results.

    Cameco has posted outstanding returns. This is the worlds leading uranium company and can be compared to Apple in tech world. Carbon neutral
  7. Turkey Earthquake Disaster about to get worse. Thousands of bodies rotting in the rubble. Rats will spread disease. Erdogan has no clue
  8. Namibia Possible Uranium Conflict Zone.

    Namibia a major Uranium powerhouse kicked Putin in balls and curtailed Rosatom operations due to water conservation infractions. Everyone else is OK wink wink nudge nudge. Good thing Wagner group is p
  9. Denison Stacks U308. Will avoid Dilution

    Denison Mines is Dark Horse investment in Uranium. They are stacking U308. When spot prices increase they will be able to undertake some very large projects without dilutive financing.
  10. Quality will Rule Uranium Investment

    General Stock Market has yet to understand and embrace the Uranium Shortage. When they do it will be a chaotic stampede. The smart investor will look for companies with complete profile such as proven
  11. Uranium poorly understood

    General Stock Market and Uranium stocks are still too inter-related. Which means Uranium story not that well understood. Big Delta between true value and current price. Caveat Emptor Perspective
  12. #Gold is like a zero coupon bond without an expiry date that was issued by God
  13. Cameco Uranium Bellwether

    #Cameco is well above new raise up equity price of USD$21.95 but well below 52 week high. Institutional Funds happy 😊 I consider $CCJ to be Bellwether of #Uranium stock world. Ignore this one at your

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