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  1. Matt Schlapp is a groomer
  2. The delays were caused by Republicans filing frivolous recount petitions in 27 counties. While this is over for 2022, it provides a dangerous roadmap for 2024, when the presidential certification time
  3. George Santos: Jewish — not Gay — questionable Lying Republican— definitely
  4. Hi, I made history as the youngest and first Hasidic jew to be elected as District Leader in the Brooklyn Democratic party. Can you REPOST this post and follow my new account here on Post? I'm so fed up
  5. Nervous about the Pats vs. Bengals game today. TBH, I think it'll take a miracle for the Pats to pull this off, and that makes me sad 😢
  6. Hunter Biden's laptop

    I don't know why the Democrats haven't labeled Hunter Biden's laptop the "stolen Hunter Biden laptop," because it IS stolen property --or at the veryleast stolen information. If someone abandons prope
  7. Not surprised at all.
  9. Not surprised at all.
  10. Krazy Kari Lake

    Krazy Kari and her lawyers realizing that abusive litigation behavior has legal consequences. And here they were just 24 hours ago celebrating the notion that Kati Hobbs will have to testify in her cl
  11. I'm so traumatized after last night's Patriots game that I don't think I can watch football for another month
  12. Tesla

    I don't get the people who are wishing for the demise of Tesla. Yes, Elon Musk is a colossal jerk / conspiracy theorist / right wing nut. But Tesla is an American company that provides thousands of go
  13. They should be disbarred
  14. Elon Musk

    I think that this whole Elon Musk "poll" about leaving Twitter is a transparent attempt on his part to legitimizing his inevitable departure due to both Twitter and Tesla being burnt to the ground bec
  15. Any #NewEnglandPatriots fans here?
  16. I just signed up for Post, and I like it already. Follow me and I'll follow back!
  17. First Post

    This is my first post here. Hoping for respectful discussions on subjects of interest with other users. We may not agree on issues, but we can always be respectful of one another.

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