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Blue Dot in Red State. Liberal Boomer, supports LGBTQ community, live and let live.

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  1. Hi amazing friends! if you don’t already know, there is an animal crisis happening with overcrowded shelters and increased killing of healthy adoptable pets for space. One of the best rescue organizations responsible for saving many lives from the worst shelters in Texas needs su
  2. We must do everything we can to get these domestic terrorists off our School Boards.

    I wake up everyday in the home I have loved for 35 years, in the State that has now become DeSantistan. I walk through the rooms filled with memories of my now grown adult daughters. My LGBTQ daughter left FL 2 years ago when DeFacist's hateful rhetoric targeting LGBTQ became too
  4. For my Postie gals. Guys, it's good info for you and your significant others
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