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Writer/editor/photographer living in central Florida, doing his best to dodge hurricanes and keep his head above the salt water.

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  1. The lighting in the photo is striking, which is why I love it. This is a green anole. They are becoming more rare in Florida as the Cuban brown anoles take over.
  2. Photographed at a friend's house a couple of months ago, and only now did I get around to processing it. Male hummingbird, looking particularly winsome. #FLBirds
  3. Angel wings at sunset, Lake Huntly, Lake Placid, FL. This is completely natural; no Photoshopping involved. ;) #FLLandscapes
  4. Inside the conservatory at St. Paul, MN, city zoo, the tropical building. My lens kept steaming up, but I persevered.
  5. Painted female bunting. Not as flashy as the male but still beautiful. #FLBirds
  6. White ibis are as common in Florida as robins are up north, so how to capture them in photos has to be taken into consideration. For instance, in this picture it's the lighting that makes it stand out. The bird was fishing in a stream in shadow, with sun breaking through the tree
  7. Dinner Lake yesterday morning, around 10 a.m. I'd driven right past, noticed the dramatic lighting, found a place to turn around, parked on the shoulder, and trudged across an empty lot to get this shot. Totally worth it; I'd do it again. #FLLandscapes
  8. Little blue heron at Lake Jackson, Sebring, FL. #FLBirds
  9. This is the kind of sunset you might see when a serial killer is on the loose. #FLSunsets
  10. Closeup of an immature little blue heron. They are white when born and gradually change to a beautiful blue with a little purple on their head and neck. #FLBirds
  11. Yellow-rumped warbler on the boardwalk, seemingly fascinated with something overhead. #FLBirds
  12. Eastern phoebe, photographed at the lake this morning. #FLBirds
  13. Dew-laden spider web. Picture taken early one morning.
  14. Post may one day become an exciting, vital place to be, but right now I'm not impressed. I've been here several weeks, and I'm not getting the interaction I expected or deserve. I'll remain a member,
  15. Close up of a red-shouldered hawk.
  16. Digital painting of a blue jay. The original shot was dark and dull.
  17. Mockingbird perched on top of a tree it was foraging for berries. I took the pic yesterday. #FLBirds
  18. Macro shot of a dew-laden spider web. Depth of field was shallow, so only water beads on the same plane are sharp. To me this looks like a tiny solar system.
  19. Immature little blue heron. #FLBirds
  20. Nature at its cruelest. White egret raided a nest of ducklings for a meal. This is not uncommon, which is one reason why hatches are so large. Photos take early one morning before the sun was up, so v

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