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Felipe Jiménez H.


Human, civil conversations, live and let live

Bilbao, Spain

Husband, dad, professor to engineering students. Science, tech, math, tennis, chess, photography, lenguaje, politics. English & Spanish. He.

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  1. Me he inscrito en Podemos

    Me he inscrito en Podemos. Primera vez que participo de alguna manera en un partido político. Lo que la derecha mediática ha hecho con ellos no tiene nombre. Pero no desaparecerá. Sumar sí, desaparecerá, pero Podemos seguirá.
  2. Windows 11 uncombine taskbar buttons & more!

    Fed up with Windows 11 not letting you separate taskbar buttons? For me that was the worst of all, but get many other customizations with ExplorerPatcher: Thank you!
  3. A deaf asks a fool: - Two plus two? The fool answers: - Three. The deaf says: - Your mother's a whore.
  4. Hi Posters, I wanted to give an update and lay out our plans for the next few weeks. So where are we? Since launch [ONLY] 30 days ago: The waitlist has over 610K users, of them: 309K have been invited and
  5. My first post in! I have great expectations. Best wishes to this space for civil conversations.

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