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Albuquerque, NM

A journalist from New Mexico, posting about news, sports and other random things

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  1. A lot of folks seem to just be posting the latest on Musk or Twitter on Post. Remember to post the weird, random stuff that made Twitter fun. Like, your dumb joke about the commercial you saw. That GI
  2. Didn't watch as much TV this year as in past years, but here are my top five shows: 5) 101 Places to Party Before You Die: Great travel show about two friends in their late-30s who go and party way too
  3. Any predictions about the World Cup games on Thursday? I got Switzerland-Cameroon as a 0-0 draw, Uruguay 2-1 over South Korea, Portugal-Ghana 1-1 draw and Brazil 3-1 over Serbia.
  4. Cat tax.
  5. Gonna just scream into the void here.

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