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  1. By Neil D’Cruze, Global Head of Wildlife Research, World Animal Protection, and Visiting Researcher, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), University of Oxford and Jennah Green, Wildlife Research Manager at World Animal Protection, and Visiting Research Fellow, Mancheste
  2. So a fake company by a fake plaintiff, represented by the wife of a fake senator who doesn’t live in the state he claims to represent, got fake justices to issue a fake opinion that will cause REAL discriminatory harm to millions of Americans? Got it.
  3. Made A Supreme Mistake By Litigating An Unverfied Case... #USNews #USPolitics #SupremeCourt #WebDesignerCase
  4. Lorie Smith’s lawyers should be investigated for ethical violations — for potentially lying to courts about the fake query for a same-sex wedding website. And Smith is potentially liable for defamation. The 303 case is not over. Keep pushing. The truth must come out.
  5. ANDY GREENBERG Jan 18, 2023 11:00 AM SECURITY Spy Cams Reveal the Grim Reality of Slaughterhouse Gas Chambers Animal rights activists have captured the first hidden-camera video from inside a carbon dioxide “stunning chamber” in a US meatpacking plant. At 4 am one morning in October o
  6. I just had this problem at my local Patagonia store. Thank you, Naomi Tomky, for laying out the issue so well!
  7. Republicans, in my ~30 years of being politically aware, have never been substantially penalized for being obstructionist clowns, nihilists, and even insurrectionists. So they just get more and more ex
  8. Body mass index is pseudoscience based on measurements of 19th century European men. Don’t come at me with that shit. #science #health
  10. HERO
  11. Gov. Kathy Hochul just nominated Hector LaSalle, a conservative anti-union, anti-choice judge who will give New York’s top court a right-wing majority. But Democrats in the legislature can still stop t
  12. VT Farm Sanctuary Emergency Assistance

    Please give if you can. Kinder Way Farm Sanctuary VT was destroyed in high winds and emergency funds are needed, especially for animal shelters. #Vermont #bombcyclone #animals #vegan
  13. It is taking way too long for journalists to realize the largest social media platform is owned by a Fascist Narcissist. They are slowly censoring your industry while other users get used to an idea t
  14. Good News for a change #Climate
  15. Interesting data
  16. #union #unionstrong

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