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I squee. I snark. I watch things. I fangirl, therefore I am. My posts include books, TV Shows, movies, a sprinkle of politics, a smidge of randomness, and way too many photos of my cats.

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  1. To watch more Fringe or finish my book...? I kinda want to finish my book because I have two, maybe three, more holiday ones to read and I'd like to be done not too long after Christmas. But, Fringe. #tvthings
  2. Per cat physics, this is comfortable. #acatnamedmango #postcats #catsofpost
  3. Belladonna wants you to know she is a very ferocious house panther. After her nap. #acatnamedbelladonna #catsofpost #postcats #cats
  4. Want to know how much I loved The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches and The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy? I just ordered them in hardback, special editions. Zero regrets. #bookthings #postbooks
  5. Finished this one today and, you guys. This book 🥰🥰. Instant favorite. I laughed. A lot. I cried. Also a lot. It's basically Shop Around the Corner set in a Westernish might be Earth, but with demig
  6. I am currently on "just one more chapter" number five and "okay, this is really the last chapter" number two. #bookthings #postbooks #books
  7. Is there a word for when you're in the first quarter of a book and you absolutely adore it but are afraid to recommend it to your bookish friends because you're worried it's going to start sucking and
  8. This is her "I'm about to tear shit up" face. Beware my fingers. #acatnamedmango #postcats #catsofpost
  9. This is far more impressive when you know that I just joined Goodreads on November 23rd. And these had to be books I hadn't read before so rereading The Hunger Games for the umpteenth time wasn't goin
  10. My trusty Kindle is dying. Such is the way of electronics but this one hurts a little. On it is a book marked 37% complete that that has been that way since Christmas Eve, 2017 - the day my mom died.
  11. Me: I'm going to be super productive and work on some home projects today. Mango: or... And really, who am I to argue with that logic? #acatnamedmango #catsofpost #postcats
  12. Penny and Ruby being adorable. #acatnamedpenny #acatnamedruby #catsofpost #postcats
  13. Oh, look. It's another cat photo. Meet Magpie. #catsofpost #postcats #acatnamedmagpie
  14. 🎶 life is emotionally abusive 🎶 #taylorswiftthings #lyricsthatspeaktome #taylorswift
  15. Nearly five years to the day later I still sometimes (let's be real, it's often) see something and instantly think, "I need to get that for mom!" oh... yeah... 😔 Anyway... she would have loved to have
  16. Something I am proud of this year is my media consumption journal. I've never been good at keeping a diary of any kind so when I bought this planner at the end of 2021, I honestly didn't know if it wa
  17. I, like many of you I'm assuming, came here to escape Twitter. So I know me posting a screenshot of one of my tweets is counterproductive. But, this was my most "viral" tweet ever so I want to save it
  18. Trying to decide what to watch after the perfect trifecta of 1899, Wednesday, and Dark is hard. Maybe call it for the year since I've obviously peaked? #tvthings #dark #wednesday #1899
  19. I know I'm late to the party but omfg, Dark. Like, holy shit that's some damn good television. And this is one of those shows where it's going to be even more awesome the second time you watch. I'm add
  20. Um, yes please! I have wanted this for YEARS. #Muppets #PrideandPrejudice #Please

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