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Textile wonk, disabled, jewelry maker, artist dabbler, gardener, I'm fabricdragon all over social media...

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  1. It is my solemn duty to report that Chief Petty Officer Jeffery Perrone, US Navy Submarine Service, of Ilion, NY, has joined those on Eternal Patrol and succumbed to the devastating effects of advanced stage neuroendocrine carcinoma. He was 2 weeks shy of his 42nd birthday. Chief
  2. PSA to anyone with a tree nut allergy who frequents Starbucks. We have a new drink called the Pistachio Cold Foam Cold Brew and our pistachio sauce not only has real pistachio in it, the syrup sticks
  3. Eggs

    Heads up preparedness folks! Right now the Emergency Essentials® price on the number ten cans of scrambled egg mix (or powder eggs for recipes) Is only a BIT more than the cost of the equivalent numbe
  4. more on Hasbros attempt to monetize D&D here: You tube link to professor DM
  5. Revenge of the gaslit patients: Now, as scientists, they’re tackling Ehlers-Danlos syndromes
  6. #daveramsey #iilluminaughtii
  7. There is an update to the #GretaThunberg v #andrewtate story... I always wondered why he suddenly started harassing her online...I figured it was just right wing bull I didn't follow. Well remember he w
  8. The best thing about the end of each year is reading Heather Cox Richardson’s insightful, comprehensive wrap-up. Brilliant!
  9. #AndrewTate so called #alpha gave away his location to #Romanian authorities while he was trying to harass #Greta he and his brother have been arrested.
  10. The Lymphadema Treatment Act has been passed - so if you need compression items to prevent swelling, they will now be considered as DME - durable medical equipment. Takes effect in 2024. Shown Here: Pa
  11. Mandate clean air
  12. Self care folks!

    The SECOND person on my friends list has scurvy. Please take vitamins, or have an orange, on a regular basis... this is taking historical re-enactment too far.
  13. Text reads: I've waited 365 days to post this Image of snoop dog "Twas the nizzle before chrismizzle, all through the hizzle"
  15. Wear a mask

    Overall, vaccination with or without prior SARS-CoV-2 infection and even booster shots of novel bivalent (WA1-BA.5) mRNA vaccines did not confer protection against any of the four Omicron XB and BQ su
  16. Seth is our cannery in the coal mine. We need to take heed.

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