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Midwest, USA

Surgical Technologist, Husband, Father, Grandfather. I enjoy Traveling, Photography, Gardening, IMSA and F1 auto racing.

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  1. Here is an updated list of news organizations active on Post. National The Bulwark - @thebulwark (conservative) The Conversation - @conversationus (expert
  2. Useful information.
  3. Knowledge is Power! It's our responsibility to inform ourselves on topics that one would assume we have an understanding of. It's obvious some individuals rely on what they hear in certain echo chamber
  4. Damn...the #OSG dares to challenge #SCOTUS!
  5. Thought I would share some advice if you are in the transition phase of leaving Twitter.
  6. I have arrived...on Post

    I have finally finished moving into my new home here on Post, don't get me wrong I'm still unpacking...slowly. Anyone enjoy sharing photos? My first share is from 10+ years ago while waking the marina i

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