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  1. I wish I could express my thoughts as well as Quinn does. This is brillant.
  2. This should be the last tweet ever. Go out on a high note.
  3. Short rant. Southwest Air has cancelled ~70% of its flights in an epic meltdown this holiday season. Remember, Southwest took $3.7B in federal aid from 2020-21. It’s CEO got a pay raise to a $9.1M packa
  4. I can't believe that handing a narcissistic manchild the keys to a insanely complex social media ecosystem, letting him fire everyone, and then turning him loose to make unstable-mood-based moderation
  5. Major purge of reporters who cover Musk going on at twitter right now. Accounts getting suspended even as they tweet about others getting banned.
  6. Even his most devout boomer followers aren’t buying $100 digital trading cards for themselves or their grandkids. He’s using this as a front funnel foreign money in through the decentralized, unregula
  7. This is exactly how it’s supposed to work, as I’ve been arguing for years. Twitter — or whoever runs it — has rights. I have rights. If one of us disagrees with the other’s exercise of rights, we can
  8. #PostPhotos
  9. :waving:
  10. This is truly enraging. The terrorist who killed 5 people at Club Q boasted during a 2021 bomb threat about his plans to become “the next mass killer.” Knowing this full well, authorities dropped all c
  11. Last night, three substations in Moore County, NC were fired upon simultaneously to cut power to a local theater hosting a drag show. As of this afternoon, nearly 40,000 residents of Moore County are
  12. Yep. My ADD brain likes the short, to the point posts. Also, I think even for longer threads, the writer still has to confine themselves with each tweet.
  13. Hi all, Quick update on what we are working on this week. Most of this week will go to building out the infrastructure we need to improve operations, onboarding new users, safety features (like block/m
  14. Mastodon is IKEA assembly instructions. Post is an Eames chair delivered right into your living room.
  15. Here I am now... entertain me

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