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Mixed Content Creator/Writer That Doesn't Write

🇮🇹 15 Acres of Broken Glass

Call me Ex~ Chaos entity, I love creating stories, breaking computers, and motorcycles. Photography, music, and cooking too. Fantasies are my special skill and hobby. Founder @Yozakura Allergic to extroverts, sorry. Propic: @sm7t6 on Twitter

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  1. One day I'll manage to embed a YouTube video in a post and that day is not today (Or maybe it's just not possible and I'm convinced otherwise)
  2. On failed habits, journaling, and denying myself new paper and ink

    I am a chaos entity. It's in my bio too, I'm the embodiment of chaos: I play competitive procrastination, I despise habits and get mad at the idea of repetitive tasks, I hate doing things in the same
  3. New short story from @exentio : "Phantoms" Read here
  4. I have a big procrastination problem

    I know most of us procrastinate, that's probably part of what people would call "human nature", but for some people like me, that's one heck of a problem. I'm not a simple procrastinator, I'm a chroni
  5. A recent one from the New Yorker, also in this year’s top nine.
  6. I'm on Post!

    Very happy to have gotten access to Post, I have high hopes for this platform as a way to have a more social and connected long-form blogging platform. I think I'll use this platform as a way to talk

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