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Accessibility + Kids = Strong communities

Austin, Texas

Advocating for and reporting on inclusive & accessible parks for ALL children.

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  1. I put together a portfolio with my work so far! Check it out. Wonder what I'll do next!
  2. Check out this video story on how accessible playgrounds brings people together!
  3. I met another mom with an autistic child at an accessible, fenced-in playground today.

    This is why having accessible playgrounds is so important! We deserve a community. We deserve a safe space for our children. We deserve to sit while our kids have fun, without fear for their safety. Our kids deserve it.
  4. What does an autism-friendly playground look like?

    This week, we are focusing on the benefits of fenced-in playgrounds for children with autism. I sat down with Austin, a father of an autistic child who tends to wander from safety. Head on over to my blog to check out our interview!
  5. What do you look for in a playground? Accessibility, of course! Beyond Compliance: Creating Truly Inclusive Playgrounds for All
  6. I started a blog! Let's find accessible spaces for all children to explore and play.
  7. Bullies are hurting our loved ones everyday and it needs to stop now!✋🛑 No matter how old you are bullies are always around, let’s educate ourselves how to stand up against bullies no matter how big or small we are! Visit “Beat the Bully” to get some insider tips on how to handle
  8. Misinformation continues to spread. I wish we could shift our focus to helping autistic individuals, instead of finding a "cause".
  9. Check out this guide to making your website more accessible!
  10. Check this out: 5 ways that accessible playgrounds can strengthen your community
  11. Wheelchair ramps at parks aren't just for kids! Check out this beautiful photo of a dad watching his daughter play. A moment made possible through inclusion and accessibility.
  12. Amazing story!
  13. What's big and colorful and lets a mom sit down? A fenced-in park!
  14. I'm a personal fan of the "See my feelings" mirror - a great tool for exploring emotions!
  15. Burlington Park adds a wheelchair swing to Central Park!

    When's the last time you got on a swing, and felt the air beneath you? If you close your eyes, can you remember the feeling? The thrill of going up higher and higher, feeling your tummy swirl with excitement. Most kids can experience this easily, but those with limited mobility a
  16. Almost half of children with autism are prone to "eloping" - which means wandering away from safe spaces. This is where fenced-in parks come in! Check out the Play for All Park in Round Rock, Texas!

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