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RN. Infectious disease practitioner. Covid is my second pandemic. Mostly retired. A constant gardener. John Le Carre is holy writ. News junkie.

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  1. British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher famously once said, “Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.” Nearly all European nations trace their beginning to a common ethnic kinship or a cultural characteristic, but America was created by exiles united in v
  2. The Orkney Islands Council leader says the group will be looking at alternative governance proposals—including becoming a territory of Norway: “We were part of the Norse kingdom for much longer than we were part of the United Kingdom.”
  3. Hi Posters, new, returning, and OG I would like to welcome you to Post and explain what we are trying to do here. We are trying to build a place where an idea can have more than 280 characters and debate is more than “You’re a Communist, You're a Fascist”. We want a place where yo
  4. I'm increasingly convinced that extending Ukraine NATO membership is the surest... only way to start to wind-down the Russia-Ukraine War & more importantly, hedge against accelerating instability in Russia. Beating a dead horse, the risk of escalation is not real. #NATOforUkraine
  5. Come on Posters, let’s get @marcelias above 100K followers!
  6. (Reuters) - A Russian arms dealer freed last December in a prisoner swap for U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner has been chosen as the candidate of a far-right party for a seat in a Russian regional legislature, state news agency RIA reported on Sunday. Viktor Bout, once dubbed
  7. The Free Speech Absolutist, Elon Musk, has just totally throttled valuable voices on the left. Early this morning, Twitler in Chief Elon Musk announced that he has temporarily limited our ability to communicate and receive news from our preferred sources by restricting unverified
  8. "Constitutional wrongs do not right themselves. With its failure to take action, the Court has missed yet another opportunity to learn from its mistakes."-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
  9. Tara! This is SPECTACULAR! I don't know how I missed it last week. Well, I guess I do. Last week was pretty busy. But no one on Post should miss this. You're a STAR! Thank you so much!
  10. The Making of Modern Ukraine: A Free Online Course from Yale University, Featuring 23 Lectures
  11. Gov. Roy Cooper is appointing civil rights attorney Allison Riggs to the N.C. Court of Appeals! Riggs will be the 2nd attorney from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice on our appellate courts, j
  12. To everyone who is just joining Post, welcome. To those of you willing to join the fight for democracy, thank you.
  13. A late but competitive entry in the Least Surprising News of the Year category

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