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  1. #PaxtonImpeachment The Texas House of Representatives has voted for the impeachment of Texas state Attorney General Ken Paxton. It now goes to the Texas Senate. I wonder how Senator Paxton from District 8 will vote?
  2. #maythefourthbewithyou Image shows a sand person of Tatooine, shaking his weapon above his head.
  3. Well, I lost an old computer, and gained a new one. Restore from backup is a wonderful thing. Thank you, Acronis.
  4. Yesterday's State of the Union Address crashed FB, Twitter, Instagram, Tweetdeck and McDonalds.
  5. Why does Post keep logging me out? I try to respond to a post, and I get the prompt "please sign up". Over and over. Annoying
  6. Brawl in Congress February 15, 1798 This colorized version of a political cartoon published in Philadelphia in 1798 depicts the fight between Matthew Lyon and Roger Griswold on the floor of Congress. (
  7. Speaker vote
  8. Oscar Health (Kushner)

    Eleven days ago, but Oscar Health (Kushner) always seemed suspicious to me. Their COVID activities in 2021 seemed more geared to identity theft than health care. Screencap plus link to Charles Gaba's P
  9. Happy New Year! I toast my new Posties.
  10. RIP Vivienne Westwood.
  11. Defenestration of Putin's critics continues.
  12. Stunning!
  13. Some idiot being interviewed on 11 hour right now. Fellow thinks he is way smarter than he is.
  14. Teri Kanefield finds the details and explains:
  15. BREAKING: The January 6th Committee Final Report is OUT. Pass it on! Here’s the link:
  16. @jimstewartson on Post I am so happy to find you here
  17. Winter Storm Elliott bringing cold, cold, cold.
  18. #Maddow is on #MSNBC "The Beat" with Ari Melber, reporting on Congress now.
  19. This is an experiment I want to know what it looks like when I try: Italics Bold Italics Strikethough YAY! Boldly striking out text Italic strike Bullet points Happy Happy Camper (turn them off after hitting tha
  20. Hello @Talyn777

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