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Ethan Sacks


Comic book writer and occasional journalist

I'm best known these days as a comic book writer on the Star Wars line for Marvel, but I am a long-time journalist with stints at the New York Daily News and NBC News. My non-fiction graphic novel, CLIMATE CRISIS CHRONICLES, with artist Dalibor Talajic, is out courtesy of AWA Studios and NBC News.

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  1. Some very personal news...
  2. I miss writing obituaries from my time at NBC News, and it's strange seeing one that you wrote cross the wires months later. At first I found the assignments morbid and uncomfortable, but then I came
  3. Ron Brownstein take on Jan 6 report worth reading…
  4. Wall Street analyst for Oppenheimer, explaining why the firm has downgraded its rating for Tesla, says the owner of Twitter is generating a public backlash that will hurt TSLA's reputation, "particula
  5. NATO: “There is now significant Russian military buildup in the high north.” This is why many journalists, myself included, have dedicated our professional lives over the last half-decade to detailing
  6. No, you just teared up about a robot on another planet.
  7. After watching the Jan 6 committee today, my overwhelming reaction is just how profoundly sad it is that Donald Trump was POTUS.
  8. More George Santos The title of this video from Nov. 2022 is "Rep. George Santos: People voted Republican because 'they're fed up with being lied to'" ....
  9. “The Times attempted to interview Mr. Santos at the address where he is registered to vote and that was associated with a campaign donation he made in October, but a person at that address said on Sun
  10. Just wanted to introduce myself since I'm starting largely from scratch, a Twitter refugee grown weary of all the neo-Nazis streaming back into that clown car. I'm trying to reconnect here with people
  11. Lively sky
  12. Heartbreaking & Heartwarming
  13. Not an expert in branding but if a room full of Tesla drivers in SF boo the Elon, maybe that’s a obvious sign of Tesla branding tarnishing.
  14. Another day, another experiment with a new(ish) social media platform. Would love to know what features you like best about Post that makes it a viable alternative to Twitter.
  15. Yay! Glad you made it over from Twitter, Mariana!

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