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  1. Eggplant and Tomato Pie

    I made the eggplant and tomato pie from the New York Time #Cooking app. It came out good, like a deep dish eggplant pizza, but kind of fell apart in the middle. I used a homemade whole wheat pizza dough crust. Next time I'll make it crustless.
  2. I finished the last two episodes of Better Call Saul today. What a terrific show with really memorable characters. I can't believe it never won an Emmy. I'm sad I've reached the end but glad I got to see Bob Odenkirk with Carol Burnett.
  3. If your family and friends vote for politicians who oppose gun control, talk to them. Explain to them if they want to prevent the murder of children, to keep children safe in school, they must vote for politicians who support common-sense gun control.
  4. Wearing a mask

    I still wear a mask whenever I do errands indoors - supermarket, pharmacy, etc. But to be honest, I hate wearing one. I find it very uncomfortable to cover my face and mouth for an extended period. As
  5. Watching and listening 2022

    TV/Streaming Abbott Elementary Acapulco All Creatures Great and Small Bad Sisters Beatles Get Back Bosch Legacy Dead to Me Hacks Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Magpie Murders Manifest Mythic Quest Only Murders in the B
  6. My favorite books of 2022

    Nonfiction Master of the Senate and Passage of Power, Robert Caro My Life in France, Julia Child Worst Hard Time, Timothy Egan Last Call, Daniel Okrent Generation Chef, Karen Stabiner Fiction Handmaid's Tale
  7. “The Court’s reactionary majority does not care about the law. It is a policy-making body in service of the far-right’s religious and social agendas. It will continue to be so until we suffic
  8. I saw a comment from someone who didn't enjoy season 2 of Acapulco as much as season 1, but I really enjoyed both of them. I wish this series got more attention. With shows like Pachinko, Severance, S
  9. The New York Times clearly knows there's an audience for Harry & Meghan coverage.
  10. Terrific in-depth reporting from @propublica on the for-profit hospice industry that too often cheats taxpayers and harms seriously ill patients. This is the kind of story th
  11. I'm not into computer games but I'm really enjoying Mythic Quest. It has the quirkiness of Silicon Valley but with more roles for women.
  12. This a good list of some noteworthy accounts that have actually started posting here.
  13. Feeding my Post feed

    I'm building a list of accounts to follow and I've decided that my Post feed doesn't need to be a re-creation of my Twitter feed. Instead, I'm using it as an opportunity for discovery. One thing that'
  14. Where are the news orgs?

    I followed the New York Times, Washington Post and New York magazine, then realized that they're not on Post yet. Even though I subscribe to all of them, I like having them in a feed where I can come

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