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Awkward Extrovert, Writer, Podcaster, Mom, Friend, Reader, Cooker, Gardener, Sappy-Movie-Watcher, Cocktail Shaker, Napper, Mediocre Trivia Player, Walker, and Rocker (as in the chair.) Fluent in Typo, she/her. The History Chicks; KC Star; Slice From the Middle

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  1. Holiday Work From Home

    Working from home has it’s drawbacks: you never truly leave work, sick days rarely exist; snow days never do, lack of other people (I’m an extrovert, this is a down side,) no place to wear the dressie
  2. They got me

    I just wanted someone to know that even smart people (yes, I just called myself smart) who know what to look for, get taken shopping online sometimes. Unfortunately it was my husband’s Christmas gift.
  3. Can anyone tell me why, when I have less than one hour of work to get a project done…I amp up my procrastinating? Tips? I saw a tik tok about setting a timer and focusing until it goes off, I’m going
  4. Newbiest of the newbies

    This is my first post, uh, on Post so I feel some pressure to write something interesting. However. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the buzzkill of interesting is trying too hard. So. Here.

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