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Mom, wife, photographer, teacher, cat/dog mom, midwestern to the core. Supporter of people living the life they choose. GenX, liberal, Catholic-ish, Pro-roe, She/her Rapid Chicago White Sox fan.

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  1. One kid off and headed to his new job in Louisiana. One more to go and the house is quiet again.
  2. My Georgia based grandkitty enjoying the snow.
  3. Didn’t go on Twitter for a couple days due to a death in the family. What in the hell happened? It’s an utter mess!
  4. This is Duke. My almost 6 year old black lab. He’s an utter pain in the ass with the softest ears ever. You either love him or hate him. It depends on the moment.
  5. This is Finn. My anxiety filled, loving, sweet, snuggly, rescue pup He’s 4.
  6. Apparently I already screwed up and my first post was supposed to be my furbabies so let’s try for #2. My baby boy Mookie. Also have 2 dogs coming soon.
  7. First post! Found a couple favs from twitter and followed bunches they follow. Not too many guys atm. Still have some twitter ptsd about that.

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