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Erin Golsen


Ex-expat, avid reader, aspirational gardener

Lexington, Kentucky

Back in Kentucky after many years away. I love to read and you can find me on Litsy as @decalino. I mostly post about my dogs, my cat, the creek in my backyard, flowers and books. All photos are my own, unfiltered, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. The allium countdown has begun! I planted so many bulbs in so many places last fall that I have no idea what this one is supposed to look like. #GardensOfPost #Flowers
  2. Zero is enjoying #Caturday in his favorite box. #PostPets #CatsOfPost
  3. Crazy sky this evening--blue on one side and stormy on the other, with a rainbow tying it all together. The second picture is the vivid sky reflected in the creek. #PostPhotos #rainbow
  4. ∙ Top 10 most challenged books of the year ∙ Katie Kitamura and Hari Kunzru curate a book box for kids ∙ Putin can't stop the late Alexei Navalny's memoir ∙ Sophie Blackall’s "Ahoy!" is a delight And more, all here:
  5. The creek flooded its banks and Iris couldn't be happier. #PostPets #DogsOfPost
  6. Took a long walk with Iris today--here she is posing on the fallen blossoms under a redbud tree. #PostPets #DogsOfPost #PostPhotos
  7. Greetings from Zero on #WhiskerWednesday #CatsOfPost #PostPets
  8. I'm back home in Lexington, just in time to see this guy sneaking up to the bird feeder. #PostPhotos #Nature
  9. Spotted this fox while taking a walk in Arlington, Virginia. #PostPhotos #Nature
  10. Zero is striking a pose for #WhiskerWednesday #CatsOfPost #PostPets
  11. Moss on the stone retaining wall for #TextureTuesday
  12. March Reading Round-Up

    It's been a while since I was in a book club and now I'm participating in two--it's definitely adding a few books to my list that would not otherwise be there! Quite a mixed bag for March--we'll see how April goes. The Fiction Writer by Jillian Cantor Olivia is a struggling novelis
  13. Return of the Bleeding Heart

    The bleeding heart I thought was dead has not only come back, it bloomed for the first time! Now if it can just survive the impending 40 degree temperature drop and incoming storm system... #GardensOfPost #PostPhotos
  14. Zero is feeling energetic this evening! #Caturday #CatsOfPost #PostPets
  15. It's officially spring break, and Iris is ready for adventure! #PostPets #DogsOfPost
  16. Crabapple blossoms. Such a cranky sounding name for such pretty flowers! #PostPhotos #Nature
  17. Hope you are having a lovely day! #WaterWednesday #PostPhotos #Nature
  18. I wanted to share this fundraiser in case others are interested in signing up to participate! A fun way to raise money in support of a cause that is deeply personal to me and so many others out there. #DogsOfPost
  19. Margaret Atwood on Stephen King's Carrie

    Gifting this NYT article by Margaret Atwood on the anniversary of Stephen King's iconic horror novel, Carrie. I've never read this one, only seen the movie--it might be time to give it a try! Stephen King’s First Book Is 50 Years Old, and Still Horrifyingly Relevant #books #readin
  20. Zero seems to be enjoying his new home! He is an affectionate little purrbot, possibly the perfect cat. Happy #Caturday everyone! #PostPets #catsofpost

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