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Erik creates the travel journal, Notes from the Road. Work featured in Time, Oregonian, Vogue, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveller and more.

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  1. New Article on Kanab, Utah and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

    Whenever we travel, we are surrounded by history. We read it on plaques and in public squares and at national park visitor centers. Much of this publicly-available history is high quality, and maybe not appreciated as much as it should be. However, recently, I have had this sense
  2. Evisceration of Anti-EV Article by Bruce Haedrich

    Have you seen that article that is being passed around the internet which claims that EV batteries are environmentally destructive? I just sent it to the garbage can in this complete evisceration:
  3. Hi all, here are my new notes on backpacking in the Dark Divide Roadless Area in southwestern Washington.
  4. #postplaces #photography #postphotos #art From my notes on Bombay Beach, California:

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