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  1. “MMXX”

    Contemplating 2020 - created near the beginning of the pandemic. Body cast sculpture, modified and then cast in rough cement. [ Body casting process ] Beach found backboard. #art #bayarea #bayareaartists
  2. Face cast for music video

    My client used this face cast as a prop in one of his music videos. I enjoy collaborations with other creatives. #art #sculpture #bayareaartists
  3. “Forest Spirit”

    This low relief sculpture combines multiple contrasting elements, which combine to create the mystical appeal of an old growth forest *Near/far *Birth/death *Male/female *Decay/regrowth *micro/massive. *
  4. Torso body cast

    Most torso casts I do are front only, but this one I was able to wrap around to the back also. The cast is bronze powder in resin. I back filled with urethane foam for structural support and to attach
  5. “Retrospect” Sculpted in clay, cast in cement. Beach driftwood backboard. #bayareaartists . www.EricTheSculptor.Art
  6. Vibes

    This is a body cast face and shoulders, then I clay sculpted the hair and re-cast in resin. My client has this in the lobby of her high-end beauty salon.
  7. I sculpted this portrait of “Leroi” for a client. Sculpted in clay, then I cast it in lightweight resin. #bayarea #art #intro

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