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Journalist/Critic/Podcaster/Professor/Space Nut

I am the VP and executive editor of IndieWire, where I have covered the international film industry for over 15 years. I write about all things cinema, from the art to the business, and co-host the weekly podcast Screen Talk with Anne Thompson. I am also an adjunct professor of film criticism at NYU, a runner, a space nut, a comix guy, and a world traveler with a penchant for Latin America above all.

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  1. My weekly column (or somewhat weekly column) looks at lo-fi solutions to the sustainability of the film community. The latest installment makes the case for more low-budget special effects filmmaking,
  2. Guillermo del Toro has a lot to say

    Guillermo del Toro is always a rewarding interview, but I was especially pleased with the way he explained his relationship to social media here. Also, writing this profile was fun because it was an o
  3. Hot takes on cinema incoming

    Busy week in these parts. Yes, the market for movies is troubled, but as we look back on 2022, the cinema itself has been alive as always — and I suspect this disconnect will yield some hot takes, inc

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