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Eric Franklin


Excavator of the previously known.

Seattle, WA

Co-founder and Managing Principal at Prospero Wealth. 23-year career in tech product management, largely at Amazon. Check my sites out here: and

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  1. Silver lining. Russia so busy with Ukraine, they forgot to interfere in our mid-terms. Woops.
  2. Strong sub-post here: Life is always busy and your enjoyment always lies in selecting what to do based on your values. I strongly dislike frenetic people who can't pull their excrement together, decid
  3. It’s absolutely wild that Truth Social has been trying to become Twitter while Twitter actually became Truth Social.
  4. What's the policy on swearing here? Is it OK to say that "Twitter can go have vulgar intercourse with itself?"
  5. Amazon doesn’t get everything right, but they tend to lead on the big things.
  6. Save the trolls

    There are so many great trolls in fantasy literature. It seems unfair to disparage their race by using it to refer to people creating toxicity in online forums. Can’t we just call those people “asshol

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