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Music critic and commentator

Music writer seen in the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Inside Hook, Paste and more. Hartford Courant alum. Knows it's only rock 'n' roll, but likes it.

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  1. Taylor Swift tickets at Gillette Stadium: Good luck

    Back in the Boston Globe with this story about ticketless #TaylorSwift fans encountering scalpers and scams as they try to find a way into the concerts this weekend at Gillette:
  2. Still marveling over last night's Father John Misty gig at the Academy of Music in Northampton. It wasn't a concert so much as a SHOW, with an ace band. Felt retro and modern all at the same time, and he sounded great. #WesternMass #Music
  3. Still assessing the post-Twitter landscape. Anyone have thoughts to share on Post vs. Mastodon?
  4. As per annual requirements for music writers, here is my top 10 albums list for 2022:

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