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Cedar Falls Precinct chair, Orange County Democratic Party, NC. Politics Food Buddhism IyengarYoga Art Writing. Exec Editor @UNC_Press '94-'22 & love my authors

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  1. figs are insane this year, probably from so much rain and also happy accident of my planting a knee-high turkey fig tree in exactly the right spot 20 years ago (open to see pic 2)
  2. A through-the-looking-glass perversion

    In a through-the-looking-glass perversion , the Supreme Court has "weaponized religious freedom to license discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in the 303 Creative decision...Justice Sonia Sotomayor nailed it in her dissent: 'Today, the Court, for the first time in its history, gr
  3. Happy strawberry shortcake!
  4. how to use radishes #1
  5. Today 🌞
  6. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate Judiciary Committee's chairman called on U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts to testify at a May 2 hearing on Supreme ethics reform after earlier urging him to investigate ties between Justice Clarence Thomas and a wealthy Republican donor. Democratic
  7. One kind of granular & bio-driven reportage that can be highly valuable: In rural Georgia, an unlikely rebel against Trumpism @mccrummens, now @TheAtlantic.
  8. Why we must respect political work—and do it.
  9. #ThereWillBeMatzohBalls
  10. Greetings from super Cedar Falks precinct, knee deep in the grassiest of grass roots @orangedemsnc @NCDemParty
  11. A bison in Yellowstone this past February. (Photo by Mary Sonis.)
  12. @jamesbeard 2023 American Classic winner, South region: La Casita Blanca in San Juan, Puerto Rico. And check this @uncpress book out:
  13. Support & donate to North Carolina’s NEW Democratic leadership and all grassroots organizers ⬇️ Push into 2024.
  14. Happy March 1 from our Sierra Nevada CA correspondent
  15. Our first grandpuppy! Her name is Orzo.
  16. Fannie Farmer’s cake recipes are chef’s kiss
  17. Oh my gosh: College Board comes out swinging! I'm surprised by this, honestly. Florida is reportedly their third largest market. And I'm also a little bit heartened. Some will say it's too late, they were seen to capitulate, it's over. But, as I pointed out in my last post, the key
  18. When one has been asked three times to make a chocolate cake, one must listen.

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