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Mary Jo Kinzie


Social justice supporter

Avid news watcher Always hopeful for something better Lifelong Oklahoma citizen has taught me patience No longer interested in capitalist B.S.

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  1. We’re liking post so far! If you've followed us on Twitter, we’d be honored to have you follow us here too. Would you please REPOST this post to spread the word that @calltoactivism is on Post? Thank you! 💙
  2. I just gave myself a present. No, not a Mother’s Day gift as I’ve never had children. It just seemed appropriate to deactivate my Twitter account this morning despite the ‘feel good’ messages to moms. It is blatantly obvious the Bird has taken a giant step to the right, and I’m d
  3. Oscar Peterson on Google and watching Twister for the umpteenth time. And gentle rain this morning. Happy Sunday, everyone.
  4. As seen along 120th Street near Malcolm X Blvd in #Harlem , during my visit home to #NYC for the Yuletide season. An edited excerpt from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “Where Do We Go from Here?” serm
  5. Well now!

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