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Italo-Swedish woman, trying to defend democracy.

Italo-Swedish woman, passionate about democracy, politics, human rights, music etc. Loves mankind - disillusioned with people. Don't need a blue checkmark. My FB page is one of their oldest. πŸ˜‰

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  1. #MatthewPerry πŸ’”
  2. BREAKING: A Grand Jury has indicted Trump with four charges, in Special Counsel Jack Smith's Election Interference case.
  3. Just as I invested a little in said company... thankfully, not too much, but my timing is optimal as usual. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‰
  4. The town drunk is the eternal optimist... In all seriousness, I remember when they painted him as a moderate, but his rants are worse than Putin's. If something happened to Putin, who's left to replace him? All those w more Liberal ideas are locked up, in exile or dead.
  5. Ah yes, the ones that scream about personal responsibility, "entitlements" & so on, are at it again.
  6. On June 23rd, Special Counsel Jack Smith's office filed a motion with Judge Aileen Cannon to continue (delay) the documents trail from August 14th to December 11th (filing linked below). In that filing, the DoJ's reasons for the delay are two-fold: First, to give enough time for t
  7. May she rest in peace. πŸ™πŸΌ
  8. By Gustaf Kilander Former Trump administration press secretary Stephanie Grisham has claimed that she saw Donald Trump showing off documents to guests at Mar-a-Lago, as she slammed his lack of respect for the nation’s secrets. β€œI watched him show documents to people at Mar-a-Lago o
  9. Total student loan debt that would have been erased for millions of Americans: $400 billion Total cost of the Trump tax cuts that largely benefited the wealthy and corporations: $1.9 trillion This is what I mean when I say the system is rigged.
  10. Today will be a big day for democracy: Kari Lake's contest hearing at 11am ET. Abe Hamadeh's contest hearing at 3:30 pm ET. Does DeWine sign Ohio voter suppression law? January 6 Committee. My advice: Foll
  11. More accurate Trump NFT's...
  12. If it looks like fascism, sounds like fascism, smells like fascism…
  13. Never forget.
  14. Unsurprisingly, Gosar is the coward that never dares to go against Trump, no matter how insane his statements may be.
  15. Really strong reporting by Jo Yurcaba and @bencollins in this NBC News story on a pair of websites the FBI is looking into in connection with the Club Q shooting suspect.
  16. Apropos
  17. Watch Glenn Kirshner's latest video on Trump's most recent flirt with authoritarianism.
  18. I'm trying to post a picture, but it seems I can only use GIFs or emojis...? Why can't I find the attachment or picture button anywhere?
  19. They lie and they lie...

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