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Musings about life

Missouri or Misery. Take your pick.

I read…a lot! I also spend a good chunk of the week teaching tiny humans to read. It requires a lot of coffee.

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  1. Me: (nothing) Alexa: My day just went from good to really great! Me: 😳
  2. First all-day-at-home for Christmas break and this one is being… a lot. BUT, look at that face, though!❤️🐶🐾
  3. I mean…

    Oof. That MAJOR announcement was… a lot. Why didn’t anyone sitting in on the pitch for that dumpster fire have the brains to say, “You know, this might not be the best idea we’ve ever had.” 🤦🏻‍♀️
  4. Charlie is feelin’ a bit fancy on this fine Saturday. #dogsofpost
  5. Musing on Weird

    Twitter is such a weird place today. The feed is either: “Posting HB penis pictures is totally free speech” or “Posting revenge porn is illegal and should be reported and removed”. One of those positi
  6. Today’s educator musing

    Spent the morning rewriting last year’s curriculum revisions into another new format. Again. A good chunk of curriculum tasks include this type of wheel-spinning.
  7. Me: makes elaborate plans for game day deliciousness ie: meatball subs Also me: eats leftover pizza for lunch and can’t stand the thought of delicious meatball subs.
  8. Finally getting some time to read non-education books. Anyone have suggestions for some pure old escapism?
  9. Kilo says hello! #dogsofpost

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