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I work as a writer and a gardener. People make me laugh. I'm interested in books, dreams, history of therapy, beauty, artists, making art, insects, people. Also, local news of Westchester County, New York.

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  1. ERA Yes?

    For those interested, the ERA was passed by enough states to be added to the Constitution, but it took so long that the time limit expired. Now, joint resolutions in Congress could waive the limits. If you feel like calling your representatives about this topic, here's a way to f
  2. Ketti North, an artist in my town, creates lovely (timely) felted pins like this one. (You can find her on etsy.)
  3. No wine, no people …
  4. I guess I can sort of see why the local dam has (I think) become a selfie backdrop …
  5. Just a tidbit on Judge Hector LaSalle , whom the Working Families party did not support this round, and which crowed about his being blocked yesterday. In past elections, however, he reportedly ran on
  6. If anyone can help me under why Tressie McMillan Cottom’s TikToks about “blonde” got her banned, I would really love to know! gift link:
  7. Witch hazel in rampant bud … Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Ruby Glow’ #Trees #Plants
  8. Pandemic art

    More photographs of "Distance Beasts," by Abby Manock, created for the pandemic to keep coffee-shop sitters appropriately apart and safe from coughs and sneezes and breaths.
  9. #MuddyWaters coffee shop, Burlington, #Vermont , full of sea(?) creatures
  10. Apparently I had somehow missed that Bill Nighy and Anna Wintour may be an item!!
  11. Snoopy daydreams at his desk. #Art #FoundArt
  12. Talk about MacArthur “geniuses.” Community Solutions, an organization that works with cities to systematically end chronic homelessness, took a $100 million dollar prize to expand its reach. They have
  13. 'Off the Grid in the Big City'

    Kudos to you! You’ve decided to do your part in saving the planet by going off the grid. Not keen on relocating to Maine or Montana? Manhattan works just fine. Josh Spodek went off the grid in May in
  14. I'm trying to keep this in mind, when I lose track of what Trump might be charged for ...: "Conspiracy to interfere with a federal proceeding"

    RASKIN : "Well, more than 950 prosecutions have already been brought, and there are already a bunch of guilty convictions for conspiracy to interfere with a federal proceeding. That crime seems tailor-
  15. I can't quite read Iggy Pop's emotion here: is he pensive? remorseful? a little mad, a little sad? or just, resting. (via the Times Magazine )
  16. It still surprises me that about 180 million Americans have Facebook accounts. And something like 57 million have Twitter accounts. FB is so big, still. #statistics
  17. 950 Arrests, 140 Police Officers Assaulted, 484 Guilty Pleas: Some numbers from 1/6

    … From the Justice Department and Attorney General Merrick Garland: “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [DOJ] Wednesday, January 4, 2023 Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Statement on the Second Anniversary of the
  18. Instant classic by Tracy Kidder, about a doctor who has worked on behalf of “rough sleepers” in Boston for decades, and about the complexity of the rising tide of homelessness in cities across the U.S
  19. Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

    “Many of the ideas in Jaron Lanier’s new (2018) book start off pretty familiar – at least, if you are active on social media. Yet in every chapter there is a principle so elegant, so neat, sometimes e
  20. I have been trying to find more #local #WestchesterCounty (NY) news outlets, and for anyone else feeling like we have “no news” here, I want to recommend the Examiner News dot com. I bought a subscrip

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