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Awarded author, eco-jnlist before it was a thing, lover of animal companions and whole habitats; aka E.D. Montaigne ( ) & proud mum of musicians creating beauty in this 🌎. Me: Soon to leave Instagram because of CEO. I believe we CAN make this a non-toxic (media) world.

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  1. Reposting late... But happy to meet you all!
  2. Because compassion requires we not look away or dismisswhat we ourselves are fortunate enough not to experience. So far. Prayers and support to all those experiencing such horrors when all we want to
  3. I want to look away... But I must not look away. As Americans it's so easy to be distracted, to say "over there, ah well." But if we do, the free world loses. All of our children lose. Don't look away. Do
  4. Sheldrake Trust For the Survival of Elephants. Daily ❤️ minute.

    Try 2: Because I don't think Sheldrake Trust is yet on Post... They are very busy helping these elephant orphans survive and have successfully rewilded so many! We need a daily feed of ❤️.
  5. Yes, this is a great idea There should be never be a thing as "school lunch debt". Call a school district and pay what you can for a kid or many. Direct action of kindness.
  6. Second Post: My In-house Editor has already quit work for the day because it's 'Friday'. Since when do Editors and Cats determine what day it is? #catsofPost #writing #petsofPost
  7. Happy to be on a fresh new site! Thank you Post.News Team! I'll be posting excerpts from works in progress, reflections & updates plus some long sighs on state of current news, reposting others to uplif

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