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Love being an Auntie, favorite soup is Pho.

Orange County, CA

Proud Mom of three brilliant, brave and beautiful kids, as well as two Labrador Retrievers. Healthcare Advocate. Progressive Liberal. Equality. OG of OC since 1975.

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  1. Short rant. Southwest Air has cancelled ~70% of its flights in an epic meltdown this holiday season. Remember, Southwest took $3.7B in federal aid from 2020-21. It’s CEO got a pay raise to a $9.1M packa
  2. In many ways the regulations and requirements from governing agencies or insurance companies are contributing to denial of services. Only the people asking for still more data and reports don’t see it
  3. New addition to my family is settling-in just fine. #DonnaandCoco
  4. Hello, hero. @avindman

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