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Madison, WI

I am a stand-up comedian, writer, and producer in Madison, WI Find me doing shows all over town with Atlas Improv, Grapefruit Bubbly, and WORTFM!

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  1. Absolutely insane to make a list of 100 “must read” books in a year. Give me 1 good book recommendation
  2. Asking a question:

    How can I see who has liked my post? Is it possible to see who has liked your posts? I can find the profiles of people who comment, but can't seem to find who the 7 people are who liked a post
  3. It's easy to criticize, it's hard to create

    This is my daily reminder to create instead of criticize. Any old donkey can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one. Hi My name is Eli and I am a comedian, writer, and producer in Madis
  4. The Chios Massacre of 1822

    A lesson in inaction and injustice The Massacre at Chios by Eugene Introduction In the spring and summer of 1822 the government of the Ottoman Empire ordered the massacre of tens of thousands of Greeks

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